Working with Pepper Jack Interiors is a time of discovery, excitement and imagination. You’ll be shown ideas and solutions which at a minimum meet your functional needs, but also which explore and offer the bigger impact of style and aesthetics on day to day life.

Professional Interior Design

Process Overview

The process of designing an interior space requires collaboration, trust, and time. New construction can take up to a year, kitchen and bath renovations 3-6 months and new furnishings 2-4 months.

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During your initial call, we’ll discuss all aspects of your project – timing, location, budget, scale, concerns, and wishes. This will allow us both to get a feel for working together. Next, during an in-person meeting, we’ll pencil out the potential scope of work, timelines and an estimate of design fees.

With the scope of work and a letter of agreement in place, we’ll move into the discovery phase. This is both written and visual and allows you (requires you!) to articulate your likes, dislikes, functional needs, vision, and wishes. There will be lots of questions, careful listening, measurements and photographs taken.

With information from the Kick-Off meeting, Laura will start developing ideas and options, pulling in finishes, crafting drawings and concept boards. 3-4 weeks after the Kick-Off meeting, we’ll meet to review the preliminary recommendations. With specific feedback from you, Laura will return to the studio to make revisions and put a finer point on budget estimates. And we’ll continue to review and revise until everyone is delighted.

PepperJack will finalize construction communications and work with builders both before and during construction. With approvals and deposits in hand, she’ll proceed with any furnishings fabrication, ordering and expediting.

After the completion of construction and receipt of furnishings, Laura will work with professional movers and installers to bring your home and new furnishings together. At this point, there may be a few areas needing some additional styling and attention and we’ll focus on pulling these items together to complete the project.

What Clients are Saying —

“It completely changed the room and made it far more functional and usable.”

“I worked with PepperJack interiors to do a major remodel of my living and dining rooms. Laura was great to work with… Her advice was spot on. It completely changed the room and made it far more functional and usable. I also wanted a modern aesthetic in a 1929 brick Tudor home. Laura helped me seamlessly blend the new with the old in a a very harmonious and beautiful way. She was very easy to work with; respectful of my time and my budget.”

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Interior designed kitchen

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